Hotels in Caribbean

A broad sweep of island-scattered sea stretched between North and South America, the Caribbean is a haven for idle loungers and water babies alike. Lined with bright coral reefs, its seafloors teem with schools of colourful fish making the most of winter’s sun-drenched warmth. The archipelago’s reggae and calypso sounds may have become the global soundtrack to holidays around the world, but there’s a real sense of culture and identity in these disparate islands’ flamboyant carnivals, spice-infused cuisine and pirate hideaways.

Destinations in Caribbean

Barbados Hotels
Artfully blending English culture and a vibrant tropical lifestyle, Barbados is one of the friendliest islands in the Caribbean. It offers beautiful beaches alongside a superb dining scene, as well as fascinating historical sights.
Bahamas Hotels
Made up of over 700 islands, the Bahamas are a treasure trove of secret hideaways and secluded boutique hotels. Each island brings something different, be it bubbly bars, tranquil waterfronts or pink-sand beaches.
British Virgin Islands Hotels
The unspoilt British Virgin Islands are an island-hopper’s delight. A paradise for sailors and snorkellers, the archipelago offers luxury hotels and designer villas, should you be short of a yacht to anchor in the crystalline coves.
Dominica Hotels
Wild, volcanic and jungle-covered, Dominica is an eco-retreat unlike its Caribbean sisters. Intrepid travellers visit to sample its pristine rainforest, black-sand beaches and castaway-chic hotels.
Grenada Hotels
Graced by unspoilt coastlines, verdant mountains and the pretty pastel hues of its capital St George’s, Grenada is a Caribbean idyll worth writing home about. Its understated resorts and beachside villas make for romantic getaways.
Jamaica Hotels
Thanks to its happening nightlife, flavour-packed cuisine and mellow vibe, Jamaica is a must-visit for music-lovers, thrill-seekers and sea-worshippers alike.
St Kitts and Nevis Hotels
Blanketed in tropical greenery, these twin islands make idyllic beachside retreats. Explore the bustling cities of St Kitts, or head to Nevis, where secluded boutique resorts shelter between the rainforest and sandy shores.
St Lucia Hotels
Striking mountains meet crystal-clear ocean on the laid-back island of St Lucia. Hike through exotic rainforests, breathe in fragrant jungle scents and marvel at cascading waterfalls, before heading back to the comfort of an oceanfront luxury suite.
St Barts Hotels
Packed with designer shops, swanky yachts and elegant restaurants, upmarket St Barts has all the trappings of a luxurious getaway. The island’s natural assets are equally enthralling: expect sweeps of golden sands, palm-fringed bays and dramatic cliffs.



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5 of the most beautiful beaches in Barbados

Some are surrounded by dramatic caves and cliffs, while others lead out onto reefs of endless colourful coral. Here are just five of the stunning beaches you can encounter on a holiday of a lifetime at our boutique hotels in Barbados.
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